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Mind/Body Therapy

 • Experience a Unique Mind/Body Therapy •

Are you feeling stuck and ready to be rid of core beliefs, habits and reactions that no longer serve you?

Are you weary of a pattern of pain in your life or in your body that is holding you back?

I offer a gentle and effective mind/body process that can help you.

"My body feels so light. It is still unraveling and it feels so good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

If you have ever pondered in frustration, "Why do I always repeat this pattern?" chances are something happened in your past that is stuck on "Replay." Mind/body therapy sessions are very effective in ferreting out and removing a long- or recently-held memory that holds an emotional charge, triggering you to repeat patterns in an automatic "knee-jerk" reaction. Once that emotionally-charged memory is removed from your brain and body you get to press "Play" and respond to life from a more neutral and reasoned perspective.

This treatment can help you shift when you feel like you are stuck in your process. Guided by our conversation and the deep inner wisdom of your being, I weave a variety of dialoguing and creative visualization techniques with CranioSacral Therapy into a treatment unique to that moment. Sessions are an improvisation and synthesis of every technique I have learned, melded with the information that I am receiving from your body. You remain fully clothed throughout the session which includes time in conversation together and time with you reclining on a comfortable massage table.

Mind/body therapy is not clinical talk therapy. Though you are not required to be in therapy to receive these treatments, some clients find it beneficial to be working with a clinical therapist to support their process.

"Thank you again!! Emotionally lighter - mentally clearer - dreams softer."

Together we are guided by the deep inner wisdom of your body.

Together we can ease your journey.


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Sessions integrate STAR, Heart-Centered Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release

For an overview on the connection between emotional stress, trauma and physical pain I recommend this article in Psychology Today

For further reading I recommend  "The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma" by Bessel Van der Kolk, M.D. Here you can read the history of the gradual awakening in the medical community about the interplay of brain, mind and body in the storing of trauma, as well as an extensive explanation of how we store trauma and ways it can be released.

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